Christmas and Winter Brads & Eyelets
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100 1/8" Eyelets - Evergreen100 1/8" Eyelets - Evergreen
Antler BradsAntler Brads
Back To Basics Christmas Brads - ModernBack To Basics Christmas Brads - Modern
Bear BradsBear Brads
Bell BradsBell Brads
Belle Fabric Covered BradsBelle Fabric Covered Brads
Bows Brads - ClassicBows Brads - Classic
Candy Cane BradsCandy Cane Brads
Candy Wrapper bradsCandy Wrapper brads
Cardinal BradsCardinal Brads
Cardinal Profile BradsCardinal Profile Brads
Christmas Mug Decorated BradsChristmas Mug Decorated Brads
Christmas Sock Monkey BradsChristmas Sock Monkey Brads
Deer BradsDeer Brads
Elf Hat & Shoe BradsElf Hat & Shoe Brads
Elf Magic BradsElf Magic Brads
Gingerbread 1/8" EyeletsGingerbread 1/8" Eyelets
Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Bulk Pack Burgundy (250)Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Bulk Pack Burgundy (250)
Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Burgundy (25)Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Burgundy (25)
Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Heritage Winter (25)Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Heritage Winter (25)
Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Winter (25)Glimmer Round Glitter Brads - Winter (25)
Gnome BradsGnome Brads
Holiday Coffee Cup BradsHoliday Coffee Cup Brads
Holiday Light BradsHoliday Light Brads
Holiday Mitten BradsHoliday Mitten Brads
Holiday Thought Bubble BradsHoliday Thought Bubble Brads
Holly 1/8" EyeletsHolly 1/8" Eyelets
Holly 3/16" EyeletsHolly 3/16" Eyelets
Holly BradsHolly Brads
Home for Christmas Epoxy BradsHome for Christmas Epoxy Brads
Ice Skate BradsIce Skate Brads
Jumbo Candy Cane 3/16" EyeletsJumbo Candy Cane 3/16" Eyelets
Jumbo Snowlovers - 3/16" EyeletsJumbo Snowlovers - 3/16" Eyelets
Medium Round Brads (40) - Dark GreenMedium Round Brads (40) - Dark Green
Medium Round Brads (40) - Winter NeutralsMedium Round Brads (40) - Winter Neutrals
Merry Magic Fabric BradsMerry Magic Fabric Brads
Mini Round Brads (70) - Chinese RedMini Round Brads (70) - Chinese Red
Mini Round Brads (70) - Dark GreenMini Round Brads (70) - Dark Green
Mini Round Brads (70) - Winter NeutralsMini Round Brads (70) - Winter Neutrals
Mistletoe BradsMistletoe Brads
Moose BradsMoose Brads
Moose Brads - Black & Brown (25)Moose Brads - Black & Brown (25)
Nutcracker BradsNutcracker Brads
Ornament BradsOrnament Brads
Penguin BradsPenguin Brads
Peppermint Candy BradsPeppermint Candy Brads
Pine Tree BradsPine Tree Brads
Pinecone Brads Pinecone Brads
Poinsettia BradsPoinsettia Brads
Prancing Deer BradsPrancing Deer Brads
Round 1/8" Eyelets (25) - GreenRound 1/8" Eyelets (25) - Green
Round Brads - Metallic Holiday Brads (50)Round Brads - Metallic Holiday Brads (50)
Round Brads - Metallic Holiday Green (50)Round Brads - Metallic Holiday Green (50)
Round Brads - Metallic Holiday Red (50)Round Brads - Metallic Holiday Red (50)
Round Brads - White (50)Round Brads - White (50)
Round Brads - White Bulk Pack (500)Round Brads - White Bulk Pack (500)
Santa & Mrs. Claus BradsSanta & Mrs. Claus Brads
Santa Face bradsSanta Face brads
Santa Hat BradsSanta Hat Brads
Santa Suit BradsSanta Suit Brads
Sled BradsSled Brads
Snowflake 3/16" Eyelets - Icy BlueSnowflake 3/16" Eyelets - Icy Blue
Snowflake 3/16" Eyelets - Plum PuddingSnowflake 3/16" Eyelets - Plum Pudding
Snowflake Brads - Assortment (50)Snowflake Brads - Assortment (50)
Snowflake Brads - Pearl Assortment (50)Snowflake Brads - Pearl Assortment (50)
Snowflake Brads - Pewter (50)Snowflake Brads - Pewter (50)
Snowflake Brads - Silver (50)Snowflake Brads - Silver (50)
Snowflake Brads - Small White (10)Snowflake Brads - Small White (10)
Snowflake Brads - White (50)Snowflake Brads - White (50)
Snowman BradsSnowman Brads
Snowman Couple BradsSnowman Couple Brads
So This Is Christmas Decorative Brads AssortmentSo This Is Christmas Decorative Brads Assortment
Squiggle Tree brads - greenSquiggle Tree brads - green
Star Brads - Gold (50)Star Brads - Gold (50)
Star Brads - Silver (50)Star Brads - Silver (50)
Stocking Brads - Green & WhiteStocking Brads - Green & White
Tiny Trees Braddies BradsTiny Trees Braddies Brads
Train  BradsTrain Brads
Tree Brads - Antique Copper (50)Tree Brads - Antique Copper (50)
Tree Brads - Metallic Green (50)Tree Brads - Metallic Green (50)
Tree Brads - Pewter (50)Tree Brads - Pewter (50)
Twinkle Trims & BradsTwinkle Trims & Brads
Winter Bold BradsWinter Bold Brads
Winter Sport Icon BradsWinter Sport Icon Brads
Wreath BradsWreath Brads
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Sleigh brads, Pine Tree Brads, Snowflake Brads

Sleigh brads, Pine Tree Brads, Snowflake Brads

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