Washi Tape
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Beer Washi TapeBeer Washi Tape
Cooking Washi TapeCooking Washi Tape
Paw Washi TapePaw Washi Tape
Picnic Basket Washi TapePicnic Basket Washi Tape
Pumpkin Washi TapePumpkin Washi Tape
Safari Washi TapeSafari Washi Tape
Studio 112 Paper Tape 8.2' Rolls 2/Pkg - DottedStudio 112 Paper Tape 8.2' Rolls 2/Pkg - Dotted
Studio 112 Paper Tape 8.2' Rolls 2/Pkg - PinkStudio 112 Paper Tape 8.2' Rolls 2/Pkg - Pink
Tool Washi TapeTool Washi Tape
Trendy Tape - Bitty Blooms SummerTrendy Tape - Bitty Blooms Summer
Trendy Tape - CherriesTrendy Tape - Cherries
Trendy Tape - Chevron RedTrendy Tape - Chevron Red
Trendy Tape - CrocTrendy Tape - Croc
Trendy Tape - Elegant Silver MotifTrendy Tape - Elegant Silver Motif
Trendy Tape - Holiday StripeTrendy Tape - Holiday Stripe
Trendy Tape - Jack-O'sTrendy Tape - Jack-O's
Trendy Tape - Mega Dot BlueTrendy Tape - Mega Dot Blue
Trendy Tape - MustacheTrendy Tape - Mustache
Trendy Tape - Polka Dots BlackTrendy Tape - Polka Dots Black
Trendy Tape - Polka Dots BrownTrendy Tape - Polka Dots Brown
Trendy Tape - Skinnie Minnie Blue StripeTrendy Tape - Skinnie Minnie Blue Stripe
Trendy Tape - SoccerTrendy Tape - Soccer
Trendy Tape - Spooky SayingsTrendy Tape - Spooky Sayings
Trendy Tape - Stripe/RainbowTrendy Tape - Stripe/Rainbow
Trendy Tape - TigerTrendy Tape - Tiger
Wine Washi TapeWine Washi Tape
Wizard Washi TapeWizard Washi Tape
Washi tape is a high quality masking tape made of rice paper or other short, strong plant fibers. More importantly, washi tape is a material which is beautiful yet useful at the same time. You can tear it, stick it, reposition it, stamp on it, write on it... The low tack adhesive makes it extremely easy to use (and reuse.) You can find a million things to decorate with it on Pinterest!
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Junge Brads, Zebra, Lion & Tiger Brads, Safari Washi Tape

Junge Brads, Zebra, Lion & Tiger Brads, Safari Washi Tape

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