Ribbons & Twills
These fun patterned and solid decorative ribbons and twills, many with printed phrases or themes are perfect for many craft projects including scrapbooking, card, announcement and invitation making.

Ribbons and Twills from Creative Impressions are sold by the yard and cut to order!(Except for 5 yard rolls.)
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Back To Basics Christmas Ribbons - ModernBack To Basics Christmas Ribbons - Modern
Baseball  Cotton TwillBaseball Cotton Twill
Baseball Ribbon - RedBaseball Ribbon - Red
Basketball Cotton TwillBasketball Cotton Twill
Basketball RibbonBasketball Ribbon
Celebrate/Dots Double Sided RibbonCelebrate/Dots Double Sided Ribbon
Confetti Dots Ribbon 5/8" 3 YardsConfetti Dots Ribbon 5/8" 3 Yards
Cotton Twill, a boy is a joyCotton Twill, a boy is a joy
Cotton Twill, Antique RulerCotton Twill, Antique Ruler
Cotton Twill, autumn splendorCotton Twill, autumn splendor
Cotton Twill, birthday greetingsCotton Twill, birthday greetings
Cotton Twill, FootprintCotton Twill, Footprint
Cotton Twill, GiraffeCotton Twill, Giraffe
Cotton Twill, Happy HalloweenCotton Twill, Happy Halloween
Cotton Twill, Hiking BootprintCotton Twill, Hiking Bootprint
Cotton Twill, Home For the HolidaysCotton Twill, Home For the Holidays
Cotton Twill, HorseshoeCotton Twill, Horseshoe
Cotton Twill, LeopardCotton Twill, Leopard
Cotton Twill, love, joy, peace, hopeCotton Twill, love, joy, peace, hope
Cotton Twill, Paw PrintCotton Twill, Paw Print
Cotton Twill, Sweet Baby BoyCotton Twill, Sweet Baby Boy
Cotton Twill, sweet baby girlCotton Twill, sweet baby girl
Cotton Twill, Tape MeasureCotton Twill, Tape Measure
Cotton Twill, Thank YouCotton Twill, Thank You
Cotton Twill, TigerCotton Twill, Tiger
Cotton Twill, Tire TrackCotton Twill, Tire Track
Cotton Twill, ZebraCotton Twill, Zebra
Double Dot Ribbon - Brilliant BlueDouble Dot Ribbon - Brilliant Blue
Double Dot Ribbon - ChocolateDouble Dot Ribbon - Chocolate
Double Dot Ribbon - ConcordDouble Dot Ribbon - Concord
Double Dot Ribbon - Mint GreenDouble Dot Ribbon - Mint Green
Double Dot Ribbon - Orange CitrusDouble Dot Ribbon - Orange Citrus
Double Dot Ribbon - Wild BerryDouble Dot Ribbon - Wild Berry
Fancy Ribbon Collection - BrightsFancy Ribbon Collection - Brights
Fancy Ribbon Collection - ClassicsFancy Ribbon Collection - Classics
Fishing RibbonFishing Ribbon
Football Cotton TwillFootball Cotton Twill
Football RibbonFootball Ribbon
Grosgrain Ribbon Card - Little BoysGrosgrain Ribbon Card - Little Boys
Grosgrain Ribbon Card - Lovely RedsGrosgrain Ribbon Card - Lovely Reds
Lush Stripe RibbonLush Stripe Ribbon
Mallard RibbonMallard Ribbon
Music Note Cotton TwillMusic Note Cotton Twill
Music Note Organdy RibbonMusic Note Organdy Ribbon
Organza Ribbon Card - BluesOrganza Ribbon Card - Blues
Organza Ribbon Card - GreensOrganza Ribbon Card - Greens
Organza Ribbon Card - PinksOrganza Ribbon Card - Pinks
Organza Ribbon Card - PurplesOrganza Ribbon Card - Purples
Organza Ribbon Card - RedOrganza Ribbon Card - Red
Party Time/Spots Double Sided RibbonParty Time/Spots Double Sided Ribbon
Precious Boy RibbonPrecious Boy Ribbon
Ribbon - Banana CreamRibbon - Banana Cream
Ribbon - BoyRibbon - Boy
Ribbon - CashewRibbon - Cashew
Ribbon - ChristmasRibbon - Christmas
Ribbon - Dandelion GreenRibbon - Dandelion Green
Ribbon - Forget Me Not BlueRibbon - Forget Me Not Blue
Ribbon - HalloweenRibbon - Halloween
Ribbon - LilacRibbon - Lilac
Ribbon - NutmegRibbon - Nutmeg
Ribbon - Pink LemonadeRibbon - Pink Lemonade
Ribbon - Root BeerRibbon - Root Beer
Ribbon - Smooth SailingRibbon - Smooth Sailing
Ribbon - SnickerdoodleRibbon - Snickerdoodle
Ribbon - Straw HatRibbon - Straw Hat
Ribbon - TangerineRibbon - Tangerine
Ribbon - ThymeRibbon - Thyme
Ribbon, Always and ForeverRibbon, Always and Forever
Ribbon, BeesRibbon, Bees
Ribbon, Celebrate the SeasonRibbon, Celebrate the Season
Ribbon, Happy BirthdayRibbon, Happy Birthday
Ribbon, Happy Birthday to YouRibbon, Happy Birthday to You
Ribbon, Happy HolidaysRibbon, Happy Holidays
Ribbon, I love youRibbon, I love you
Ribbon, It's a BoyRibbon, It's a Boy
Ribbon, It's a GirlRibbon, It's a Girl
Ribbon, Let it SnowRibbon, Let it Snow
Ribbon, Let's CelebrateRibbon, Let's Celebrate
Ribbon, Make a Wish!Ribbon, Make a Wish!
Ribbon, Merry & brightRibbon, Merry & bright
Ribbon, Merry ChristmasRibbon, Merry Christmas
Ribbon, O' Christmas TreeRibbon, O' Christmas Tree
Ribbon, Over the HillRibbon, Over the Hill
Ribbon, Pink Love YouRibbon, Pink Love You
Ribbon, Pink with Red HeartsRibbon, Pink with Red Hearts
Ribbon, Red Heart OrgandyRibbon, Red Heart Organdy
Ribbon, Season's GreetingsRibbon, Season's Greetings
Ribbon, Soft Blue with Blue Circus DotsRibbon, Soft Blue with Blue Circus Dots
Ribbon, Soft Pink with Pink Circus DotsRibbon, Soft Pink with Pink Circus Dots
Ribbon, Splish SplashRibbon, Splish Splash
Ribbon, Swirl OrgandyRibbon, Swirl Organdy
Ribbon, To love & to cherish - BlackRibbon, To love & to cherish - Black
Ribbon, Trick or TreatRibbon, Trick or Treat
Ribbon, Winter WonderlandRibbon, Winter Wonderland
Rick Rack - Aqua JumboRick Rack - Aqua Jumbo
Rick Rack - Black JumboRick Rack - Black Jumbo
Rick Rack - RedRick Rack - Red
Rick Rack - Red JumboRick Rack - Red Jumbo
Rick Rack - Soft Blue JumboRick Rack - Soft Blue Jumbo
Rick Rack - White JumboRick Rack - White Jumbo
Riverbank Revels Twine (3 x 10 m)Riverbank Revels Twine (3 x 10 m)
Snowflake RibbonsSnowflake Ribbons
Soccer Ball Cotton TwillSoccer Ball Cotton Twill
Soccer RibbonSoccer Ribbon
Taupe Argyle/Dots Double Sided RibbonTaupe Argyle/Dots Double Sided Ribbon
Valentines RibbonValentines Ribbon
Volleyball Cotton TwillVolleyball Cotton Twill
Winter Blues RibbonsWinter Blues Ribbons
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