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Alphabet Rub-ons Box - Bold Blue GlitterAlphabet Rub-ons Box - Bold Blue Glitter
Alphabet Rub-ons Box - Grape Doodle GlitterAlphabet Rub-ons Box - Grape Doodle Glitter
Alphabet Rub-ons Box - Pastel Script GlitterAlphabet Rub-ons Box - Pastel Script Glitter
Auto Racing Rub-onsAuto Racing Rub-ons
Big Beauty Butterflies Rub-ons with glitterBig Beauty Butterflies Rub-ons with glitter
Birthday Words Rub-onsBirthday Words Rub-ons
Boats & Fish Rub-onsBoats & Fish Rub-ons
Borders Scrappy Rubs - WhiteBorders Scrappy Rubs - White
Butterfly Fantasy Rub-onsButterfly Fantasy Rub-ons
Chocolates Sweetie Rub-onsChocolates Sweetie Rub-ons
Coral Reef Rub-onsCoral Reef Rub-ons
Elves And Lights Rub-onsElves And Lights Rub-ons
Family Scrappy Rubs - WhiteFamily Scrappy Rubs - White
Fishing Lures Rub-onsFishing Lures Rub-ons
Flip Flops & Fishes Rub-ons with glitterFlip Flops & Fishes Rub-ons with glitter
Friends Rub-ons Message BoxFriends Rub-ons Message Box
Grade School Rub-ons Message BoxGrade School Rub-ons Message Box
Graduation Rub-onsGraduation Rub-ons
Great Big Brad Rub-Ons - Black ABCGreat Big Brad Rub-Ons - Black ABC
Great Big Brad Rub-Ons - Black PatternedGreat Big Brad Rub-Ons - Black Patterned
Great Big Brad Rub-Ons - White ABCGreat Big Brad Rub-Ons - White ABC
Great Big Brad Rub-Ons - White PatternedGreat Big Brad Rub-Ons - White Patterned
Great Outdoors Rub-ons with glitterGreat Outdoors Rub-ons with glitter
Holiday Squares Rub-onsHoliday Squares Rub-ons
It's A Boy - 10 Black Cardmakers Rub-onsIt's A Boy - 10 Black Cardmakers Rub-ons
It's A Girl- 10 Black Cardmakers Rub-onsIt's A Girl- 10 Black Cardmakers Rub-ons
Number Rub-ons Box - Grape & Blue GlitterNumber Rub-ons Box - Grape & Blue Glitter
Number Rub-ons Box - Pink and Green GlitterNumber Rub-ons Box - Pink and Green Glitter
Ornaments Rub-ons with glitterOrnaments Rub-ons with glitter
Pirate Rub-On SwatchbookPirate Rub-On Swatchbook
Pretty Birthday Rub-ons with glitterPretty Birthday Rub-ons with glitter
Pretty Birthday Rub-ons with glitterPretty Birthday Rub-ons with glitter
Princess Play Dress Up Rub-ons with glitterPrincess Play Dress Up Rub-ons with glitter
Romance Rub-ons Message BoxRomance Rub-ons Message Box
Rub-On Erasers (adhesive pick up too!) 2 pkRub-On Erasers (adhesive pick up too!) 2 pk
Rub-Ons for Cards - Sweet BabyRub-Ons for Cards - Sweet Baby
Santa & Stars Rub-onsSanta & Stars Rub-ons
Sassy Diva Rub-onsSassy Diva Rub-ons
School Rub-onsSchool Rub-ons
School Sentiments Rub-onsSchool Sentiments Rub-ons
Skeleton Silly Faces Rub-onsSkeleton Silly Faces Rub-ons
Soccer Mini Rub-onsSoccer Mini Rub-ons
Sparkling Insects Rub-ons with glitterSparkling Insects Rub-ons with glitter
Sports Words Rub-onsSports Words Rub-ons
Sporty Girl Mini Rub-onsSporty Girl Mini Rub-ons
Spring Quilt Rub-ons with glitterSpring Quilt Rub-ons with glitter
Starfish Borders Rub-onsStarfish Borders Rub-ons
Totally Bugs Rub-onsTotally Bugs Rub-ons
Tropical Rub-On SwatchbookTropical Rub-On Swatchbook
Under The Sea Rub-ons with glitterUnder The Sea Rub-ons with glitter
Vacation Getaway Rub-onsVacation Getaway Rub-ons
Vintage Leaves Rub-onsVintage Leaves Rub-ons

Tips for Using Rub-ons

Rub-ons are delightful for accenting cards, scrapbook layouts and other craft projects: their smooth, seamless look creates the illusion that the design was printed right on your paper. Here are just a few tricks to help you apply rub-ons with great results every time.

1. Most rub-ons will adhere to any smooth surface. Make sure your surface is clean and dry before applying.

2. As you apply your rub-on, the image will get lighter on the transfer sheet, so you know it's adhering.

3. When applying a large rub-on, it's best to work from the center out. This will prevent your image from moving off center as it adheres.

4. After applying your rub-on, slowly lift your transfer sheet to ensure that your rub-on has completely adhered. If an area doesn't stick, reposition the sheet, and continue rubbing.

5. To seal the image and smooth out bumps, position your transfer sheet over the adhered rub-on, and smooth with a flat, spatula-like tool. This technique is called burnishing.

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